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About Peers of Menard

Consisting of writers Ben Flebbe and Dan Miles, Peers of Menard was founded in 2017 for the purpose of publishing their graphic novel collaborations.

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Tale of the Taira

Tale of the Taira is the first series of comics from Peers of Menard, exploring the ancient Japanese epic, The Tale of the Heike, detailing events of the Genpei War.

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About Peers of Menard

Consisting of writers Ben Flebbe and Dan Miles, Peers of Menard was founded in 2017 for the purpose of publishing their graphic novel collaborations.  The first project under the Peers of Menard banner is Tale of the Taira, an adaptation of a medieval Japanese epic.

Ben Flebbe
Ben grew up in rural Colorado, where he learned to love exploration. Curious about the cross-cultural power of the epic, he set out to read epics of as many languages as possible, but instead found himself drawn into The Tale of the Heike. His favorite books are Don Quixote, Moby Dick, anything by Borges, Infinite Jest, and of course Tale of the Heike. He went to college with Dan at Grinnell, where they both graduated in 2011. He majored in mathematics and history.  Now he lives in Chicago working as a senior actuarial analyst. He spends his evenings playing tennis, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and drinking games, when he isn’t writing. He aspires to enrapture.
Dan Miles
Born in Massachusetts, Dan didn’t start getting into comic books until he was already in high school and editing his school’s literary magazine.  That set the stage for him exploring and appreciating the wide range of what the medium can do: some of his favorites now include Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Joe Hill’s Locke and Key, and Walt Simonson’s Thor.  In 2007, he went to Grinnell College in Iowa, where he studied philosophy and linguistics.  That’s also where he met Ben, and where they developed their storytelling skills playing a solid four years of Dungeons & Dragons together before graduating.  He has since settled in Columbus, OH, where he juggles his time between writing and as much swing and blues dancing as he can manage.

About Tale of the Taira

Japan’s iconic epic, The Tale of the Heike, was compiled in the early 1200s from disparate accounts of the Genpei War, the conflict that ended an era of peace and changed the course of the country.  Pieces of this story have been adapted many times for many audiences: as recitations, noh plays, kabuki plays, films, and television series. Our retelling aims to make the epic as a whole accessible to a new generation of readers, working with artists Milan Mišić and Miloš Trajković to bring the story’s vivid imagery to life. We call it Tale of the Taira.

Volume One is a collection of stand-alone stories united by the theme of loyalty rather than chronological progression.  Each can be appreciated on its own, but presented together they begin to reveal the connections that bring the larger setting to life.  One of these stories, The Death of Seno, is already completed, but right now we are preparing a Kickstarter to fund the rest of this volume.  You can keep updated and keep up with our Kickstarter updates by joining our mailing list, here.


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