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02/09/2018 - By: Daniel Miles

I’ll admit, we’ve been so busy lately that we’ve fallen behind on blogging.  A lot’s happened since our last post, so let’s get you caught up!

Our Kickstarter is now live at!  We launched this Tuesday to reach a resounding 55% of our goal on the first day!  At the time I’m writing this, we’re at a little over $7k, or 66% of our goal.  It’s exciting, and it’s been a little overwhelming, but we still have a lot to do if we want this project to succeed.  Please, keep spreading the word with us so we can reach as many people as possible.

What We’ve Been Up To

The launch itself has taken up a lot of our time, but that’s not all we’ve been working on.  What’s been keeping up so busy?

  • We wrapped up a draft of our next story, “The Exile of the Abbot Meiun.”  It’s been an exciting process, and after another round of editing, we’ll be sending it along to our art team soon.
  • Speaking of editing, we’ve had some great talks with comic book writer Anthony Del Col.  He’s been a huge help in shaping up our script-writing using his experience as an industry professional.  Check him out on twitter if you want to see some of the work he’s been doing.
  • We’ve also confirmed that we’ll be working with Kraken Print!  They have a lot of experience with comic books and with Kickstarter campaigns, so they’ll be handling our printing and our distribution.
  • We’ve also been talking to some exciting guest artists about a collaboration on a variant cover for one of our Kickstarter stretch goals.  We’re expecting to lock down the details on that shortly, so stay tuned for an announcement!
  • Speaking of artists, Milan has been hard at work putting together backer rewards.  Take a look at how the poster is coming along!

What comes next?

There is still work to be done.  We’ve been talking to reviewers and other people who can help us get the word out.  Because right now, reaching a wider audience and just making more people aware of Tale of the Taira is the most important thing.  So we encourage you to keep sharing our material to spread the word.

We’re in a great position to really push this campaign to the limit and deliver an amazing book.  We intend to take advantage of it.

By: Daniel Miles

By: Daniel Miles

Co-Founder of Peers of Menard

Of the two Tale of the Taira co-authors, Dan is the one with the beard.


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