Crossing the Finish Line

03/09/2018 - By: Daniel Miles

As I write this, we’re so close to reaching our Kickstarter goal that we may well reach it before this post has time to go live.  Seriously, take a look at this snapshot (or click it to go directly to the campaign).

It’s been an exciting and wild ride, and we are so grateful to all of you who have joined us in it.  And if you still want to contribute, please, don’t hesitate.  We’ve still got stretch goals to works towards, and we have until the night of Tuesday, March 13 to reach them.

Things to Keep an Eye Out For

We’ve been pretty busy over the course of this campaign.  A lot of that has been behind the scenes: planning advertising, preparing “The Death of Seno” for printing, continuing to write, and learning strange new forms of social media.  One of the more visible things has been the live chat we did on our Kickstarter page.  We talked about some of the background of Tale of the Taira, shared some anecdotes, and answered backer questions.  If you missed that, you can watch it on YouTube here:

Even more exciting, though, we have another one planned!  You can join us this Sunday afternoon at 4 PM EDT / 3 PM CDT.  We’ll chat a little more about ourselves, about the historical context of the story, and answer your questions.  And as an excited bonus, it looks like we’ll be joined by one of the creators of the Kugali anthology.  They’re another great comics project on Kickstarter, with a very similar goal of bringing lesser-known stories to a wider audience.  We’re excited to chat with them about making comics, the experience of funding through Kickstarter, and our shared goals.  You can find that on our main Kickstarter page, or bookmark the stream itself here.

We hope you join us!

By: Daniel Miles

By: Daniel Miles

Co-Founder of Peers of Menard

Of the two Tale of the Taira co-authors, Dan is the one with the beard.


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